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APRIL 11 Finale WOODLAND Woodland

April 4-5 Burrows Ranch CA AHRMA NW

April 18-19 Boise Pacific NW VMX

May 2-3 Crooked River OR AHRMA NW

May 16-17 Bodnar Ranch OR AHRMA NW

May 24-25 Riverdale Pacific NW VMX

June 6-7 Premier & Classic Steamboat Springs AHRMA NW

June 13-14 Nairada MT AHRMA NW

June 20 LeMay WA AHRMA NW

June 21st LeMay WA
SIEGE's 10th Year Anniversary
Vintage Racing Motorcycle Show

June 21st Pilot Rock Pacific NW VMX

Juky 11 Ward Creek Pacific NW VMX

July TBA Donner AHRMA NW

Aug 29-30 TeaCup CA AHRMA NW

Sept 6 Terretorial (Eugene) Pacific NW VMX

Sept 19-20 Rattlers AHRMA NW

Oct 3-4 Bushey AHRMA NW

Oct 3 Riverdale Pacific NW VMX

Oct 31-Nov 1 Battle at the River Marysville CZ AHRMA NW




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Hannegen Speedway 2015 from Tharyn Richards

CLICK PHOTO GALLERY Last Year's 2015 Vintage Motorcycle Racing Show

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Hellbent Racing Team Page

2018 CZ World Championships RACE RESULTS

CZ World Championships PHOTOS

below: check out: LITTLE RED's adventures
at the 2016 Don Matthews CZ World Championships

above: Mike LaPaglia and Little Red with MX Hero Rocket Rex Staten
and the Original Harry Klemm CZ he got the holeshot on at the US GP in 1974

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