old friends - and two factory riders Lance Smail & Brett Bierek through turn one, Pacific Raceways




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2014 H&T 4 Race Series

June 1st H&T Summer Race
Sunday at Pacific Raceways

July 5th H&T Summer Race
Saturday Night at Pacific Raceways

August 17 H&T Summer Race
Sunday at Pacific Raceways

September 21st H&T Summer Race
Sunday at Pacific Raceways


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but why Hammer & Tongs? "to go at it Hammer & Tongs…" means :

"to literally or figuratively fight with all one's resources, with no holds barred, with might and main..."

The blacksmith has become a rarity & a curiosity, but this 17th century expression alluding to his art lives on. It refers of course to the brawny smitty taking
red hot metal from the forge with his long long handled pincers, or tongs, and vigorously beating into shape on the anvil with his hammer.

definition from THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WORD & PHRASE ORIGINS, Robert Hendrickson • Facts on File • 1997


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