list of entries started to be compiled October 6th at 5am
Open Invitation to show your Vintage Bike Motocross, Road Racer, Original, Special or Street Fighter
January 21st 2017 note: this show is about REAL, not bling email CJ

LaFaye McCarver Maico framed TT540

Guenther Maico

Mark Hector 78 Magnum Maico

Rory Clevenger 99 RM125 Suzuki

Mike Young 72 HT2 Yamaha

Pete Glase 81 Maico 250

Stu Osborn 74 Hodaka Super Rat

Steve & Colleen Miles Sidepipe CZ

Gary Carter 74 Suzuki TM400

Matthew Harlowe 61 Honda Factory Road Racer

Al Anderberg 54 Moto Morini

Anthony Miller Yamaha RZ500 Four



Bob Hardy Maico

Ian Jorgenson 70 Yamaha AT1

wait.... tell me more about the

Mike Mohrbacher 81 KTM MC250

Gary Bashor 77 DT400 Yamaha

Brad Sutton Yamaha YZ465

Justin Reinmuth 66 Bultaco Special

Matthew Harlowe 82 Yamaha TZ250 Road Racer

Sahawney BSA

Chris Sicilia 82 Husqvarna 125

Robert Fish 74.5 Penton Jackpiner

Brent Andrist two 72 XL250 Road Racers




Forrest Tonkins 75 Kawasaki KX250

Guy Roets 69 Husqvarna 250 Cross

Greg Harness 89 NSR250

Martin Doerfler 67 Triumph Flat Tracker

Mark Swanson 74 CZ 125

John Schuller 79 CZ 514

Steve & Colleen Miles Yamaha YZ

Jim Mercier 79 Maico 250

Cory Simpson 72 Kawasaki S2 250 Triple



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