Rowland Specialties Bill Rowland Jr
with the spectacular new Premier Legal Racer

notes from Bill below:

"I attended a Supercross kickoff party Saturday night. I took the new Premier 350 Honda to show the guys what Vintage racers looked like. They still ride modern stuff. These were old friends I raced with in the 90's that are not aware of vintage much. I got a few " what the hell is that's" and who did the powder coating? I explained what it was and that DaD had hand painted it in the garage after he designed it and built it, then stripped it and painted it. Then he rebuilt it and fine tuned the details. All the while they were shooting pictures, flash flash, what's this? Flash, pro tapers?....Cool, what're those shocks? Olin's cool, who builds the engine, really your dad still is a motor head? Those pipes are cool, oh he bent those? What's that gas tank? 69' Honda cl70? Never seen that before how's he do this? Your dad's still got it man where's he been? Retired in his work shop I said. I said dads a 50's hot Rod dude and he has these visions still of what his perfect racer would be from the 60's when he raced. And then he goes to it."










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