the Posters

My notion about any graphic is that it should be magnetic - a poster should be cool enough that people want to put it up - and it sits on display in the garage or on the fridge door saying HEY HEY HEY! all year. When it is a single event like Washougal, the poster's more important job is happening after event is over. If it is good enough, the rider wants to leave it up, and it is burning away like a lighthouse for a whole year, all the while calling the faithful back.


Hellfire was our pressman whose hand made sure the VDR and H&T posters were top notch. Our Pacific NW motocross scene gives a major thank you to him, starting way back in 1996 for the first VDR posters - black & white on the old Heidelberg, and then towards the end on the enormous Lithrone 28, a press worth upwards of a million dollars. Note the clock in the background- HF working after hours to make sure the 2007 posters are done and ready to go by race day morning.

Hellfire, a racer as well as the H&T pressman
trimming out the 2007 Wshougal and H&T Posters, which started as one piece of paper....

above : CZ Racer Scott Koch - photo taken at Terretorial Raceway, outside Eugene Oregon



above: the last Hammer & Tongs Press: Komori's mighty Lithrone 28
photo from Komori USA


Montesa rider JT Kroupa
photo taken at Woodland

Husky man Brian Richards
photo taken at Longview

credit to Model Ms Jennifer Jones
in her Oscar Role: the Grouchy housewife

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