Relative Take a good look at these numbers. The Red Line is Vintage. It stays ahead of Evolution 75% of the time. Spikes up indicate good weather, and down rainy. It is curious is that bad weather, (i.e. muddiness) does not affect the relative percentage either. Compare the December Races to see if Weather can cause a trend, but some years Vintage has it another year Evo edges it- and always by a small percentage.

Swingers The stats suggest that Vintage Entrants seem to do what Evo Entrants do- and there may be a good reason for it; so many riders in the Pacific Northwest ride both Vintage and Post Vintage. In fact there are a greater number of Vintage bikes 75% of the time, and then only an imperceptable percentage.

Magic Dirt More than once when someone brings up the numbers at Woodland where most of these numbers are from, Dick Mann has said
"Woodland doesn't count-"
and that Woodland can't be duplicated. Therefore these stats are somehow not applicable to Ahrma in the Pacific Northwest, so we can ignore them.

How could Northwest Riders not count?

Woodland isn't made of Magic Dirt. In other words it's not the physical fact of the race track. It's the THE RIDERS that we're talking about - the Northwest Crowd. THOSE RIDERS make the Northwest. These are the riders that fill the gates at Ahrma Races. And then someone says well you just want to make Ahrma into VDR. Nope, the riders want to race Ahrma Classes at an Ahrma Race. And to my mind that shouldn't be Progress- that should be the Norm.

Also it bears noting that Hammer & Tongs has in fact duplicated these numbers for the past number of years.


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