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Six years ago the left hand of AHRMA introduced classes for Post Vintage, and the right hand asked those riders to stay away or go away. There were a series of flimsy excuses given, and a debate as to whether it was justified. Because of this, there followed a heated war of words. How things fell apart for Post Vintage Stats: the Actual Percentage of Vintage Bikes at Northwest Races


Claims were made that the presence of PV Bikes caused Vintage to die, and that the glaring success of VDR at Woodland didn't have to be taken into account. The actual stats are surprising and worth looking at. Graph of Northwest Entries Northwest Riders

There followed two parallel efforts to the fix the problem. While the non-Ahrma effort was a success, the Ahrma effort turned into a battle. During this mess the left hand of AHRMA asked volunteers to start a new region. Klamath Falls Race called off The Advent of the New PNW Region


Faced with this task, I got together a group of volunteers, and nicknamed them the A-Team. While the left hand of AHRMA had asked us to form a new region we were asked to prove ourselves. To do this we offered to run AHRMA Post Vintage Classes at Hammer & Tongs. Curiously H&T was the non-Ahrma Series that had formed in frustration with the original problem.
the A-Team Ahrma at Hammer & Tongs


There was much opposition to this Regional Split from the right hand of AHRMA, and the big meeting at the Farm ended in a sort of stalemate. the Region the Big Meeting


Weeks and weeks later the volunteers were assigned a half a region- the PV part. This was not the job they had originally been asked to do. The team now had the freedom to fly - but the plane only had one wing. On top of that much misinformation about what the A-Team want and what we would do has been reported. Philosophy of Vintage Approach to Criticism


2006 races show slim turnout. We weigh the worthiness. I reflect on how much there is to do. the 2006 races my own Responsibility


Williams & Team prepare the huge task of getting Washougal together. But as soon as it's on for sure, the Trustees pull the plug on the Ahrma aspect, and blame Dirk, who quits the position of coordinator in disgust. I carry on with the team, and find that I've been unceremoniously replaced with Ed Parsons. the Plug gets Pulled the last straw, and the end of the trail

So - no hard feelings. The A-Team will hand the reigns to Mr Parsons & his team,
and turn it's attentions to Hammer & Tongs.

thanks to everyone who was there.


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