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Sunday the Mic was weilded by Announcer Stu Osborn seen here with the Trophy Girls

A forced layoff and I find myself no more than a pit crew for my brother Jeff and good friend Dan Bensky and that was hard, very, very hard to take.  Dirk to the rescue.. Saturday night I say, "I wanna do something, anything.. to help you, Dirk. I'm A-Team and I'm available." So Dirk says, "No, just go ride and have a good time.." and I say, "No, I can't ride. Doctors orders." and so he says, "Well... we need an announcer for Sunday." My ears perked up! And before I could answer my brother over my shoulder says, "Stu used to be a radio announcer in the 70's."

And Dirk said, "OK, I'm beat, gotta go.. but show up at the shack tomorrow morning at 7:00. You got it." The next day and at 7:30 AM you heard me, "Goooood Mooorrrniing Waaaashoooougal vintage racers!!" Felicity and brother Jeff later said I did pretty awesome. I didn't know. This picture shows a VERY tired Stu after having "lived" the great vintage mud racing vicariously though all the experiences of others.. Thanks


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