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NW Motocrosser Chris ZAMO Sehmel - (pronounced ZAY-mul, hence the nickname) - on the mighty 430 Husqvarna

When Siege told me there was going to be a Hammer & Tongs event at Washougal, I dropped everything and went out and bought a "new" Evo race bike. I hadn't been racing in about 3 years due to family commitments, and a couple modern dirtbikes, but to race THAT track, on THOSE machines... No choice. It was statistically the WORST day I've ever had racing. I had a rear shock fall off in the first moto and stab me in the leg, and then my gas tank split open during the next one. I called it quits after those ill omens, and spent the rest of the day taking pictures and hob-knobbing with fantastic men and women all.

Despite the mechanical bad luck, and my very poor showing accordingly, it was THE MOST AWESOME day of racing I have EVER experienced. By that I mean, I didn't even have to be on the track I was having so much fun just BEING THERE. What a rush! What a track! What fine people! What wonderful machines! What unadulterated glory!!! I can't wait to do it again...

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