SIEGE: So you were a Factory Monark Rider?

WALLENBERG: what happened is that my family is from Sweden, my Grandparents came over from Sweden. My Dad learned how to speak Swedish, and so when they had the Elkhorn Inter-Am, near where we're from in Wisconsin, we got to meet TORLIEF HANSEN, TORSTEN HALLMAN, BENGT ABERG, ARNE KRING, -all the guys. sWell- in 1971 at the Inter-Am in the Fall, they had a round in Wisconsin, and the following weekend they went to St Louis. So that week in between, TORLIEF HANSEN, factory Husqvarna Rider, stayed at our house all week. Now I'm this little 14 year old kid that's drooling over having Torlief Hansen stay at my house, just like somebody would if Bubba stayed at their house for a week, or Carmichael. My Dad had heard that Husky was coming out with a 125. I was riding a 100cc DKW at the time. My Dad said to Torlief what do you think? ...and Torlief said Look- I'm a Factory Husqvarna Rider. Don't tell anybody I told you this, but there's this bike in Sweden called the Monark which I think is a much better bike for Scott (than the Husky 125 that was coming out...)

SIEGE: I'll be damned.

WALLENBERG: We remembered that so my Dad tried to find out how he could get one of those Monarks. At that time in the USA They were called MCBs. And
there happened to be an MCB distributor in Rockford, Illinois, called Rockford Motors who also imported Bridgestone motorcycles from Japan. We drove out there to ask him about getting a Monark. He said we don't carry those anymore. They are now being imported by a company in Burbank, California called Inter-trends JOHN OLSSON was his name- another Swede - so my Dad called up information, got his number, and said John I want to buy a Monark. I'm in Illinois. And John said Ve Don' haf aany Deeelers in Illinois! And my dad said how do you become a dealer? Answer: you hav to order foor motorcycles and ten percent in paarts. So my Dad started the wheels turning. If I could find another guy or two to buy a couple of these we could.. but my dad was a TV repairman. We couldn't run a dealership in WILMETTE, Illinois. But he had a friend who was a Swede who was a Volvo Mechanic and he set him up to become the first Monark Dealer in Illinois. And once I raced the first one-

SIEGE: Ah I see-how long did it take you to get one?

WALLENBERG: the bike came in the first week of June in 72 so that's how long it took-

SIEGE: so that's nine months or something like that

WALLENBERG: the first Monark that showed u in a crate- we uncrated it at the Volvo Dealership and pot it together, and I raced it and won both motos with
it. So they took a picture of me holding that trophy - and that was in those Monark Ads that ran in Dirt Bike and Motocross Action forever. An out of the box winner-

SIEGE: how old were you in '71?

WALLENBERG: lets see- I was 14. So then- we realized that these Monarks were really good, and so basically John (Olsson) wanted my Dad to set up other
dealers in the area. So out of the basement of my Dad's TV Shop... John Olsson always thought my Dad quit his TV business to go into the Monark business- so we had a separate phone line and everything for when John would call. And so he set up dealers in Indiana Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio. And so I was racing them, and doing quite well with the bike. So we were just totally involved with the brand. And then they had a World Cup 125 Race and Nils-Arne Nilsson won on a 125 Husky. Monark brought their guy from Sweden over BJARNE BLOM - Marty Smith was the Monark Factory Rider out of California. Marty crashed in the first turn that day so he didn't do that well overall. Later in the fall of 73 Honda was preparing for the introduction of the 125cc Elsinore and made an offer to Marty Smith to be their guy and ride it, so he left Monark. His works bike that had been all prepared from Sweden, special motor and everything came over there with nobody to ride it- and after some negotiations I got to be the rider of that bike.

SIEGE: so does that mean that Marty Smith would have been that Factory Rider?

WALLENBERG: He WAS a Factory Monark Rider. But they built this special bike for him over the fall of 73 for him to ride, and he wound up making the switch to Honda, started the 1974 Season on a 125 Elsinore and so his bike
came through. And it was a very very special Monark. And

SIEGE: so let me get the timeline straight...

WALLENBERG: yeah, '72 we got the Monarks into the midwest and I was racing them and I wound up getting the #3 plate for the state of Wisconsin, riding Amateur Motocross at the time, so I raced the '72 Season on a stock
Monark. When '73 started I was leading in the points./ But I looped out backwards and broke my hand so I ended up getting another 3rd place title. But in the meantime in California Marty Smith was racing it in '73. And the
Elsinore came out in the fall. And Marty made his switch then. But this incredibly cool works bike was built for him to ride, but when he didn't ride it, it shifted to the midwest-

SIEGE: how much cooler was it that the one you were riding?

WALLENBERG: a LOT cooler. Mine was a really nice GS, but this one had a completely different intake port system than even any other Sachs engine I've ever seen in my life, and even the USA Monark Factory Mechanics were
dumbfounded on how they sandcasted the barrel.

SIEGE: Ok, I've heard of the engine numbers- C, D and E- this wasn't part of that?

WALLENBERG: No. I've never seen one before and really never seen since - it was a one off barrel. maybe some of the guys in Sweden had one- I don't know- but as far as the United States-

SIEGE: it got sold at a Garage Sale?

WALLENBERG: No- what happened was I moved to California in '78 to take a job with Dirt Bike and Motocross Action. And so basically I left Chicago with two motocross bags filled with as many clothes as I could take on the
first run. And that stuff just kind of sat with my Dad and Mom in the Garage for a long time. But my Dad passed away suddenly- went to sleep and had a heart attack and didn't wake up in 82. And my Mom said what am I going to do with all this stuff in garage? And I said I don't know Mom- do whatever you want with it. And she can't remember who she sold all that stuff off to -

SIEGE: So it's lying around somewhere or it got trashed by some local 13 year olds?

WALLENBERG: It could have been trash- it could have been sold for scrap- somebody may be sitting on it, and don't even know what they have

SIEGE: a piece of History...

WALLENBERG: a one in the World Kind of thing- I'd like to start that trail again and I don't even know how....

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after the first win....

100cc class

Photo taken in 1973 at Motosports Park in Byron, IL. I was racing
the 100cc class that day. The bike had a 100cc barrel that came off a DKW
which had a high pipe... hence the shaved fins on the cylinder head.


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