above: Russell on the Montesa - below: Bryan and Paul on the other two...

When it was all over Roger looked like this.
OK , I said - which bike? He looked up at me and said Dude....

Roger : the Montesa is more engineered- but
I prefer the Bultaco- but I''m jaded in that respect...

CJ : I guess if I had to pick I'd say that I'd love to have the Montesa because
it seems more exotic, but if I had to go to racing for fun I'd rather have the Bandito
and racing to win I'd need the CZ. Of course as I said the CZ shifts on the left
which I am used to-

I'd like to thank Pierre, Russell & Paul Andrade - all the Kauai Clan
for their kindness and letting me test the bikes- and especially
our host and my good friend Roger and Sarah for
his hospitality and
being totally cool. - SIEGE


Pierre, Russell and Paul at the Farm National a few days later.

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