Note that when it comes to the back brake arm, the Montesa has a cast piece- the CZ still the pressed steel part. I guess if I had to pick, I'd rather have an
arrangement where if the chain comes off, it doesn't tear the brake parts to bits.
click on any of these rear brake comparison images above
or profile images below
to see the photo very close-up

Russell & Pierre a few minutes before the BBQ was ready - on the right check out how forward the Cappra sits- it looks as though it's falling forward and it feels like it- and it had much lower bars than the other two bikes - it occurred to me later that maybe that with some different bars the falling forward/high pegs aspect migt be alleviated some-- although to see Russell wheelie the bike off a pile of fluff (above right) you'd think I just wasn't tough enough to ride the bike... I should have wahed my face off before this photo!

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