Classic 1969 Shootout

The CZ brakes looks more business, but I wasn't struck by a real difference

I've never been big on pressed steel parts, and it's curious to compare the brake arms for the Sidepipe and the Cappra
wth the Bultaco's cast part. I imagine they weigh about the same, but to me a cast part is much more pleasing.

The kick arm on the Bandito was quite long and rests a long way forward.

On the right Roger was noting that the kick arm is one piece ie no hinge in the middle-

and because of that, the position of the kick arm at rest, if it straight up, (as on an MX250 Yamaha for example) would be right in the way of the rider's leg. The Montesa is the same, but the arm is way shorter, and that makes starting the bike a bit harder.

Note the black zip tie on the Cappra- that's not a leftover item- it allows one to hold the peg out of the way while starting it. I started the Cappra without doing this, but later could not restart it

click on any of these comparison images
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The footpegs on the Cappra look normal
but were very high, and I felt like a man
on a wildly over powered child's toy

The CZ had the fiercest power, and for my money
the coolest looking engine and pipe-
my choice as far as racing right out of the box...

Below: Russell & Pierre muse over the finer points of the Montesa Cappra- Paul puts laps on the CZ, Brian on the Bultaco

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