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1969 Bultaco El Bandito
CJ : I found that the weight sat back is this bike-
and this made it very easy to skim across rough terrain-
my choice for handling by a mile.

Pierre : It's , immediately comfortable-
like a sewing machine....
I didn't have to learn anything- it didn't pound me

Roger : what can I say? it's just been a sweet thing-
power is good - it could use more bottom end power- It's a 4-Speed, so ya gotta think when you ride it.

1969 Montesa 360 Cappra
CJ : the weight sits forward, and it was hard to pick
the front end up, and I really had to muscle the bike
around the course- and had to learn HOW to ride it

Roger : the Montesa is the Brute of them all, it vibrates,
it's hard to start, it's cantankerous

Pierre : you'd think a big bore like this would just pull you
out of anything- but it doesn't- it just falls right off the power- if you're in 2nd gear and you're going up that hill
and you're going too slow it will not pull you out of it

1969 CZ Sidepipe
CJ : Pierre & I agreed that bike felt TWITCHY above all other
things- the shifting was natural- that's from having raced a CZ for some years now- and yet the bike didn't feel anything like my own CZ, and also nothing like Tom McAllister's CZ Sidepipe.

Roger : good powerful bike- more abrupt from idle to midrange-
handles well- it's a torque monster- comin' into a corner and
comin' out that bike is awesome- and stone simple...

Serene Scene- except for the bikes- and just putting in laps to see how each bike felt- here on the CZ.

We spent some hours riding the bikes- I'd start slow and try to get faster, solmetimes chasing, sometimes leading
without the pressure of real competition, and sometimes just out on my own.
Then we compared notes, had lunch, went back out and ran the course the reverse direction.

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