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6600 Cartwright Rd Boise, ID 83703-9573

To get to OMC from I-84 exit onto I-184 city center travel(4.2 miles) exit River St (.1mi) turn left onto S 15th (.1mi) Travel to W Hays turn left (.7mi) Hays will turn into N Harrison Blvd (1.mi) Harrison turnes into Bogus Basin Rd (.7mi) Turn left on Cartwright Rd and travel (2.3mi) You will see the OMC sign turn right. Literally 5 minutes from downtown Boise! Come and enjoy some great racing in the best conditions of the year!

Boise Questions •
Q: do I need an AHRMA or AMA license?
A: NO nothing to join
Q: are the tracks VINTAGE FRIENDLY?

A: YES track will be European GP Style- few (if any) jumps

Q: are they the same tracks as last year ?
Q: Gate Fee ?
A: FREE - Friday and Saturday Night, not Sunday
Q: Camping ?
A: YES - free, no hookups or water
Q: RV Options ?
A: no hookups or water
Q: Is it the same track as last year ?
Q: what happens if you get hit on the head with the white flag ?

A: you're immediately disqualified, and given a spanking by the Swedish Soccer Mom Team.

above : 2008 action- OSSA Man Norm Ridge up the Corkscrew
below: Rick Lago on the AW Maico on Sunday

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